Let us be the HOA Lawyer to help you. When HOA legal issues arise, you need an experienced, competent, and reputable lawyer. Moreover, you need an aggressive lawyer. If you need an aggressive, experienced, competent, and reputable lawyer, this is the right firm for your HOA issue.

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HOA Home Foreclosure

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HOA Fining

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About Us

What HOA Lawyer Experience does the firm have?

We represent both HOAs and homeowners facing legal issues. HOA legal issues can involve contract, statute, or tort law issues. Both HOAs and homeowners can find themselves in lawsuits through no fault of their own. If you find yourself in an HOA legal dispute, you deserve a competent and aggressive lawyer. We can be that law firm. We have handled thousands upon thousands of HOA legal disputes. Let our experience help you through your HOA legal issue.

“HOA Law is Unique. HOA Law is unique because it sits at the crossroads of statute, contract, and tort law. Because of the unique nature of HOA Law, a lawyer experienced in each of these areas is best when you are facing HOA legal challenges.”

Can an HOA Lawyer Help You?

Whether your HOA legal issue is in its inception or has moved all the way to lawsuit, you can benefit from a lawyer’s help. If a dispute is in its early stages, the right lawyer can often resolve the HOA legal issue less costly and quicker. Sometimes though, a matter needs to be litigated on principle. When you have an HOA dispute that must be fully and aggressively litigated, you want the right lawyer. Let us be that lawyer.

What are the Common HOA Legal Issues?

The most common HOA legal issues are HOA foreclosures, HOA fining, and HOA covenant enforcement disputes. You may not know what to do. This may the first time you’ve had to deal with a lawyer. Alternatively, maybe you’ve dealt with a lot of lawyers. We are different. We are focused on results, not excuses.

How are we different?

First, you will speak with the lawyer directly. Second, the lawyer will explain what to expect. Third, you will have a lawyer who has handled this type of case before. Fourth, your lawyer will be your aggressive and strong advocate. Your lawyer has tried a lot of cases and loves the courtroom. Finally, you will receive cost effective legal representation. Remember, we are focused on results.